Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Dental,Implant Teeth play a vital role in our lives. They help us speak, chew our food, and maintain our oral structure. Missing teeth can lead to many symptoms, like increased gum or tooth disease and bite alignment. Addressing missing teeth is an important investment in improving your oral health, and at Dr. Louisa Gallegos’s office, we are here to help. From dental implants to dentures, our services ensure that you can restore function and aesthetics to your smile.

Living With Missing Teeth Can Have Long-Term Consequences

When you lose teeth, your jawbone also loses support. Over time, the body stops receiving signals from the jaw, causing resorption of minerals. This deteriorates the bone, which can lead to eventual jaw collapse.

Missing teeth are more than cosmetic; they deserve attention and care like any other health concern. With the right treatment, you can restore lost functionality and prevent bone loss.

Effects of Missing Teeth on Your Health

Eating Difficulties

Chewing is the first step in our digestion. It helps us break down food before it enters the stomach. Missing teeth can hinder this process, making it harder or even painful to consume certain foods. In addition to irritating the gums, eating with missing teeth can also increase the risk of choking for those who cannot break down their food properly.

Speech Problems

In addition to eating, we use our teeth while speaking. Enunciating our words is important for communication. Gaps from missing teeth can make it harder to pronounce words, and our speech can become less clear. Replacing teeth can help maintain effective speech.

Reduced communication can also affect your self-confidence, making you less likely to advocate for yourself at work, participate in social settings, and engage with others.

Increased Risk of Oral Disease

The gaps produced by missing teeth can become infected by bad bacteria. Having such areas in your mouth puts you at risk of gum disease and tooth decay for your remaining teeth. Filling the gaps can lead to better oral health.

Your Remaining Teeth Shift

Gaps caused by missing teeth can also result in your other teeth shifting due to the extra space in your gum line. These shifts can cause damage to your gums and other teeth, worsening your oral health.

Changes Your Facial Structure

Teeth support the arrangement of our jawlines and overall facial structure. Missing teeth can lead to changes in jaw shape and decreasing bone density. These changes can lead to stark changes in your facial structure.

Work With an Experienced Prosthodontist in Denver

Dr. Louisa Gallegos is a highly skilled prosthodontist specializing in tooth replacement and restorative dentistry. If you would like to discuss your options for tooth replacement, please get in touch with us at 303-316-4034 today or request an appointment online.

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